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Tasks and aims

Who is the deacon? Which specific role should be assigned to him? How has this rank of the hierarchy been developing on the various continents since its re-introduction by the Second Vatican Council? Members from more than 50 countries seek for answers and contribute to the structuring of the diaconate’s profile.

The tasks of the IDC include the following

  • Regular collection and documentation of books, magazines and essays referring to the permanent diaconate worldwide. The IDC has a library where all of these are gathered and archived.
  • Publication of the “Diaconia Christi” magazine.
  • Contacting and exchanging opinions with interested persons throughout the world who work for the renewal of diaconate.
  • Preparation, design and implementation of International Study Conferences. These focus on theological, pastoral and practical issues regarding the diaconate, on the renewal of the diaconate and the cooperation with other ministries.
  • Advisory collaboration on various levels e.g. opinions and assessments given to Bishops’ Conferences and Synods.
  • Cooperation in the development of diakonia and diaconate models in the Church.
  • Cooperation in the elaboration of various publications referring to the diaconate.
  • Ecumenical collaboration with the diaconal communities from various Churches and with similar-minded ecumenical initiatives.
  • Collaboration in the initiation, self-activation and further development of the diaconate in various countries.

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