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Drug Counselling Centre Receives Means for Online Documentation

Since 2013, online documentation of drug counselling activities is mandatory. Otherwise government subsidies will be cut. The drug-counselling centre of the parish Caritas Foundation in Kechkemét, Hungary could obtain the necessary technical requirements with help from the Diaconia Christi Internationalis Foundation.

For several years now, the parish Caritas Foundation in Kechkemét has been sponsoring the outpatient treatment of addicts. In the year 2000, the addict ambulance was initiated as a “diaconal model project for Kechkemét”. The “Renovabis” charity made this possible at that time with start-up funds. At this very moment, the centre provides help to 220 persons with addiction problems or psychiatric diseases. Fifteen specialists from various professions provide complex services to patients. The manager of the drug-counselling centre is Deacon Ferenc Molnár who, with his work, embodies the diaconal action of the local Church. In this way, the social-diaconal activity of the addict ambulance became an authentic ecclesial witness for the diakonia of the Church far beyond the local ecclesial structures. In many places, this project serves the initial as well as the permanent formation of deacons.

members of the “Sankt Stephanus Diaconate Circle” visit the drug counselling Office members of the “Sankt Stephanus Diaconate Circle” visit the drug counselling Office In the year 2013 the legislation was changed; as of that date there had to be online documentation for the counselling activity. There was a threat of cutting government subsidies. Therefore, Deacon Ferenc Molnár asked the “Diaconia Christi Internationalis Foundation” for help. With its help, the technical requirements could be met quickly in order to abide by government regulations.

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