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Cuban Deacons can Now Create an E-Library

The Diaconia Christi Internationalis foundation in collaboration with the Diocese of Osnabruck, Germany provided the Cuban deacons with tablets. Pre-installed on the tablets were the texts of the Bible of the Catechism and the Code of Canon Law.

Rottenburg/Havana October 2014

Each deacon should receive a tablet which is supposed to become his library. This was the wish of the Cuban deacons that IDC Delegate Deacon Miguel Angel Ortiz Corrales and Bishop Domingo Oropesa Laurente of the Diocese of Cienfuegos brought to the attention of the Diaconia Christi Internationalis foundation. Unfortunately it is not possible for the Cuban deacons to obtain a sufficient number of copies of documents and books in print therefore their thirst for knowledge was not quenched up to now. This situation can now be changed by the virtual library. The tablets, acquired by Monserrat Martinez in Spain, with a good deal of pre-installed content were shipped to Cuba via Roma and the Nunciature in Havana. Now the high costs for print media can be avoided and the deacons can receive more and more new documents via USB sticks.

Miguel Angel, deacon of the Diocese of Camaguey rejoices of his tablet Miguel Angel, deacon of the Diocese of Camaguey rejoices of his tablet The gratitude of the deacons was clearly to be seen. More than 50 of them received a tablet during the National Congress Over the next few years, the document contents will be continuously completed. “This is an exceptional means of formation for our deacons”, said Miguel Angel, deacon and IDC delegate.

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