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Network of Deacons' Wives is a new project of IDC

December has long been associated with Christmas and the birth of a Baby in a manger, celebrated by Christians all around the world.
This year, December also stands out as the month of the launching of an original experience, that is to say the creation of a network which intends to connect deacons’ wives, worldwide. Indeed, on the proposal of the IDC Board, about ten wives, from the five continents, had been invited to take part to a virtual meeting. Not all were deacons’ wives but all were strongly committed to the diaconate somehow or other.

Bild vergrößern The first challenge to organize such an international event was to find acceptable time slots for everyone. Consequently, depending on the countries, the usual greetings went from good morning in Brazil to Hello in Europe and good evening in Australia… The second one was the language. Which one to use to gather everyone ? English was opted for and, with the help of non-professional interpreters and much goodwill, we each managed in turn to introduce ourselves.
In a very friendly atmosphere, the group shared their views and expectations. The network was felt to be a community of wives discussing, debating common concerns : among matters and topics mentioned, here are some examples : what is the deacon’s wife call and mission ? How to find the just, “adjusted” place for the deacon’s wife ? How to find the good balance between married and family life on the one hand and the diaconate on the other hand ? How to foster good communication and relationships between priests and deacons’ wives ? The network to be seen as a great source of strengthening…

This first meeting gathered what could be called the “inner circle”. Though a modest start, the initial circle proposed to think about the creation of language groups and work groups. As you can see, this sort of think tank inspired and supported by synodal dynamism, is busy and active with many projects ! Why not establishing formats of communications with a website, newsletter forum… Still our major concern is to find out how to enlarge, to connect more wives.
One thing is sure : after this promising “première”, everyone is waiting for the following episode ! To know more and to be able to follow future developments, the IDC Newletter is not to be missed !

Marie Maincent, from France
Wives representative within the IDC Board.

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