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IDC Board Meets with the Congregation for the Clergy and the Protector

Beniamino Cardinal Stella warmly welcomed Board of IDC

On Friday 9th all the members of Board of the International Diaconate Centre together with Mgsr Heinz Stäps on behalf or our protector Bishop Fürst went to meet with the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation of the Clergy, His Eminence Beniamino Stella in the Vatican.
Bild vergrößern There was a warm welcome for us from the members of the Congregation who we met with, Mgsr Gehr, Archbishop Joël Mercier and, of course, Cardinal Stella. The later in particular remembered previous visits and the occasion of our Jubilee in Rome when he celebrated the Eucharist with us to open our conference and Jubilee celebrations.
We had the opportunity to introduce ourselves including our new president, Deacon Gerald DuPont. We were also able to share with them information on the life of the diaconate around the world and to present them with reports on the work of the IDC.
Cardinal Stella in return was able to share the contents of a presentation he had recently made to Italian deacons in Naples. He also warmly welcomed the opportunity to send someone from the Congregation for the Clergy to participate in a forthcoming International Symposium on the Diaconate supported by the IDC in 2020.
It is hoped that in the future there will be further meetings, ongoing collaboration and positive relations between the Congregation and the IDC.
Bild vergrößern A day before, Bishop Gebhard Fürst, the IDC Protector, welcomed the new Board in Rottenburg. Gerald DuPont used the opportunity of a discussion with Bishop Fürst to indicate the goals and tasks of the Diaconate Centre for the next few years. The Protector recalled the IDC’s rich history and underscored the task of continuing the reflection on the deacon’s role in a Church that is herself changing. For Bishop Fürst, the deacon is an indispensable component of a diaconal Church that, following Pope Francis, is on the side of those who are forgotten and whose dignity is under threat. He expressed his support for the IDC’s idea of organizing an international symposium on the theology of the diaconate.

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