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Deacon Jörg Stein is the new manager of the International Diaconat Center

Jörg Stein takes over this assignment for the International Diaconat Center alongside his duties as Parish Deacon in Rottenburg.

Bild vergrößern Jörg Stein took over the role as manager for the International Diaconate Centre (IDC) in Rottenburg in March as successor to Stefan Sander, who died last November.

“Learning from each other in intercultural and international dialogue is essential today”, says Deacon Stein, who will fulfil this new assignment as manager of IDC alongside to his duties as Parish Deacon in Rottenburg. Global crises reveal more than ever that looking solely at your own country or even your own continent is insufficient. “How will
we ever understand our global human family and our global Church, if we don’t exchange experiences and opinions.” Therefore he’s pleased to bring his creativity and skills to support the goals of the IDC – communication, documentation and further development of the diaconate.

Deacons are meant for exchanging and networking since they are intermediaries between different worlds. Thus the IDC has a
highly important role internationally in bringing these intermediaries together at a higher level of exchange, learning and mediating between different cultures and social environments. Their experiences can then be brought back by them to their homelands, where they are able to spread an “diaconal spirit”.

Jörg Stein (47) is married and father of three. He lives with his family in Starzach, a rural community near Rottenburg. Even before his formation as a Deacon (2011-2014) in the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart he became a member of the IDC. Supported by Klaus-Jürgen Kauss, a former manager of the IDC, Jörg built up an exchange program for Catholic schools in the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart with Catholic schools in Santiago del Estero / Argentina, the partner-diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

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