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Diaconal Project To Be Honoured in Lourdes

Bishop Gebhard Fürst will award the Pro Diaconia prize 2017 to three winners from all over the world

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In Lourdes, Dr. Gebhard Fürst, Bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart and Protector of the IDZ, will award the diaconal prize for the second time. During the IDC’s 50th anniversary celebrations, the marriage preparation project led by Deacon Dr. László Gorove and Mrs. Krisztina Gorove.

In collaboration with the Diaconia Christi Internationalis Foundation, which, since 2002, has been fostering solidary action for the benefit of underprivileged people, the IDC will award prizes to three projects. The Pro Diakonia prize aims to promote diaconal conscience. Projects from the pastoral and diaconal sphere whose driving force is represented by deacons and groups committed to diakonia are eligible for the prize. The prize is meant to increase the visibility of exceptional diaconal initiatives. The monetary value of the prizes awarded will be in the amounts of 3000€, 2000€ and 1000€ respectively.

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