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Gerald DuPont from the USA the New IDC President

First non-European President since the founding of the IDC

Bild vergrößern Gerald DuPont, Deacon from Galveston-Houston, Texas / USA, is the new President of International Diaconate Centre (IDC) founded in 1965. DuPont succeeds the German Klaus Kießling who after serving twelve years as President and Vice President, did not stand for election. With DuPont it is the first time in IDC history that a non-European leads the institution.
The IDC Members elected their new President last Sunday in Lourdes during their Study Conference “Salvation and Healing in a Diaconal Church”. DuPont has been the chair of the US Deacons‘ Association (NADD), a position which entails – uniquely in the world, a permanent seat in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The IDC members, at their Assembly, elected the members of the Board and later the new elected members chose the different roles: Gerald DuPont as President, Gilbert de Lima (India) and Mark Woods (UK) as Vice-Presidents and Montserrat Martínez (Spain) as representative of deacons ‘ wives. Stefan Sander (Osnabrück/Rottenburg) remains the Manager of the IDC.

!2(Montserrat Martinez, Spain; Gerald DuPont, USA; Marie-Françoise Maincent-Hanquez (France); Erik Thouet (Germany); Gilbert de Lima (India); Nick Kerr (Australia); Charles Dube (Zimbabwe); Edwin Ng (Hong Kong/China); Martin Brunner-Artho (Switzerland); Terttu Pohjolainen (Finland); Alberto Magno Carvalho de Melo (Brazil); Benas Ulevičius (Lithuania); César Braga de Paula (Colombia); Mark Woods (Great Britain); Miguel Ángel Ortiz Corrales (Cuba); Stefan Sander (Deutschland)! The following Delegates were re-elected by the Members: Miguel Ángel Ortiz Corrales (Cuba), Charles Dube (Zimbabwe), Martin Brunner-Artho (Switzerland) und Terttu Pohjolainen (Finland). The following were elected as Delegates for the first time: Benas Ulevičius (Lithuania), Marie-Françoise Maincent-Hanquez (France), Nick Kerr (Australia), Erik Thouet (Germany), Edwin Ng (Hong Kong/China) and Alberto Magno Carvalho de Melo (Brazil). Named Advisors for the IDC were Ferenc Molnar, Hungary and and César Braga de Paula, Secretary of the Department of Vocations and Ministeries (DEVYM) at the Latin American Bishops’ Conference (CELAM).

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