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International Symposium on Theology of the Diaconate

International Symposium on Theology of the Diakonate March 18 – 21, 2020 in the Academy of the Diocese of Rottenburg Stuttgart, Conference Center Hohenheim, Deutschland

The Countenance of the Church in the Everyday Life of People?

The significance of the diaconate for a diaconal Church

Bild vergrößern 50 years after its reintroduction by the Second Vatican Council the diaconate has become, in many parts of the world, a firm component of the local Churches. At the same time, this ministry, so very necessary to the life of the Church (LG 29) is still seeking its adequate place in a diaconal Church.

Why does the Church need a sacramental diaconate? Despite the intense efforts which have been made – does the ministry have sufficient identity? How can one describe the unity and diversity within the sacramental ordo? Is any specific task assigned to this ministry?

In the African and Asian Churches, the diaconate hasn’t taken roots up to now. What are the conditions which could make that happen?

In addition, the debate about the diaconate about the diaconate for women in the Church has not quieted down.

The above questions show that the discussion on the place of the diaconate – from the point of view of its ecclesiological significance, of systematic theology and of pastoral practice – has been going on since its reestablishment. The approaches these questions from an international – ecclesial perspective and tries to grasp the significance of the diaconate for a diaconal Church.

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Schedule (pdf/93 KB)

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